The University of Kentucky is one of the eight institutions that have a complement of liberal arts, professional, agricultural, engineering and medical schools in one campus. The university acceptance rates are above 90% and has an enrollment of about 30,500 students. Application to join the university will require one applying through three ways:

  1. the Common Application
  2. UK-specific application
  3. Coalition application

However, if you are applying for an academic scholarship, you can use the Common application or UK-specific application and you will need to respond to the University of Kentucky application essay prompts.  

More About University of Kentucky Application Essay Prompts

Application essay prompts for the University of Kentucky can be for all applicants or those applicants seeking honors college and competitive scholarships. The prompt questions provided aim to test self-awareness and one’s response to adversity. Your approach to such a prompt needs one to thoroughly and extensively answer the prompt. Choose to discuss instances where you faced unique challenges or developed your strengths when you are asked to explain how you deal with challenges in your life.

To be unique when responding to a University of Kentucky application essay prompt, consider going for unique encounters when discussing challenges and struggles. Being distinctive and proving a high level of awareness and uniqueness gives your application for admission a better preview of who you are.

Choose the correct tone when responding to a prompt. A proper tone entails an element of humility that is essential to achieve successful self-reflection. Remember to demonstrate resilience to prevent the tone of your response from being overly self-critical.

When asked to express how you will deal with challenges that you encounter in life, do not forget to mention the support system in your life. In college, it is your peers and faculty members. When addressing how you deal with challenges, prove the effective use of a support system to help you solve problems you experience along the way. A support system can also be of friends and family who offer sound advice and emotional support and are not exclusively reliant on people with authority.

The University of Kentucky honors college essay

When responding to an honors college prompt, you must assess what the University of Kentucky stands for and why you want to be part of their program if you succeed. Applying for an honors college requires you to show commitment to the college’s values when responding to the essay prompt, directly or indirectly.

If the college’s highly held values are about leadership, ensure your response to the prompt shows that you understand aspects of leadership and think positively about leadership. You could use people with a history of displaying good leadership traits and are universally known for contributing value to the world through their leadership.

An essay prompt on leadership can further require you to explain how you can commemorate the individuals you have chosen as your leadership role models. You will need to think of your unique way of celebrating the people that stood out to you. You can select commemoration of setting time like a day or week in remembrance of the person or opt to use an object like a monument for remembrance or a festival/celebration in the name of your chosen icon can be your choice of approach.


Application essays can be challenging to write when you fail to read the instructions or prompt carefully. When writing an application essay, ensure you understand all that is required of you. Your response to the prompt should be generated from the inner voice within you. The introduction needs to be compelling, and your essay outline needs to be clear and precise that the admission board can understand and picture who you are before meeting you in person. Let your essay be unique and free from cliches to create a sense of uniqueness and difference from other application essays. Most importantly, ensure you proofread your application essay before sending it to the admission board.

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