Being born in a country where people do not communicate in English then moving to a different country with English speakers can be challenging. From the time you study English, you may wish to translate your native language poems and stories to English so that they can be enjoyed by individuals of other races and tribes around the world. Your dream job freelance translator can become a reality if you are determined, patient and confident to do translation as a job.

The translator career path is step-by-step progress that involves learning to be confident, hard-working and patient. A career as a translator requires you to improve your reading comprehension in the languages you seek to be a translator. With comprehension, you will correctly pick the appropriate words to convey the intended meaning to the conversing parties. Apart from comprehension, let’s focus on how to be a good translator short essay and some tips that could help you in your translator career path.

  1. Learning and using effective strategies

To be a good enough translator requires you to acquire effective learning strategies to help you master the languages you are learning. Knowing how best you can get to learn a new language quickly is essential to save your energy and keep you motivated to learn.

  1. Establishing a rich translation memory

A translator career path requires you to use your translation projects as tools essential to building a rich translation memory to store the knowledge you have acquired. Frequent practising makes your translation faster and easier.

  1. Staying updated on trending technology

A career path in translation requires you to stay ahead of the competition by using innovative tools to help you learn and widen your knowledge in the field. To be the best translator that there is requires you to provide exemplary services to clients. Thus, as you learn to translate, keep tabs on software that can help in translation, read newspapers and magazines and subscribe to newsletters touching on translation.

  1. Seeking help

Any writing about how to be a good translator short essay should not leave out the fact that you do not know everything. Venturing into a career as a translator requires you to acknowledge that there are people who are better and more skilled than you. Working in teams to achieve your dream job as a translator requires you to consult an advanced translator to help you reach your dream job as a freelance translator.

  1. Knowing cross-language connections

Knowing two or more languages is a great accomplishment on its own but not enough when you need to make connections between the languages. As you study and perfect your translation skills, have a deep understanding of the etymological and linguistics correlation that exists between the two languages you are required to translate.

  1. Understanding cultural contexts

Different languages have different roots for their origin and culture attached to them. You need to understand the two cultures associated with the languages. You need to consider extensive connotations and cultural references before venturing fully into your dream job freelance translator.


Essay writing on being a good translator should focus on the aspect and requirements of being a translator. With an understanding of what it takes to be successful in a translator career path, you need to be patient, motivated and confident while understanding the challenges that come with getting to be a good translator.

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